100 of the Best Legal Free Full Version Games You Can Download Online

Over time I have found many fully functioning games that are free to download in various places across the web. Here are 100 of these great full games that are free to download online. They range from independent games, to games that were once commercial but are now free, free to play MMO games (some of the MMOs do have the option of purchasing in game items, etc.), free action games, 3rd person games, games designed by hobbyists, and many more!

If you know of others, please leave a comment with the URL.  I’ll approve comments as I have time. The graphics do not need to be the most up to date or have the most advanced physics engine.  The requirement I’m looking for is that they are fun to play! I want to create a single source to find these free games so that others don’t need to scour the web for them like I did.

100 Free Full Games to Download Online:

  1. Allegiance
  2. America’s Army
  3. Anarchy Online
  4. Armada Online
  5. Assault Cube
  6. Bang Howdy
  7. BloodLust Multiplayer Online Vampire RPG
  8. BOTS
  9. BZFlag
  10. CodeRED: Alien Arena
  11. Conquer Online
  12. Corum
  13. Cube 2
  14. Cube
  15. Daimonin
  16. Dark Space
  17. Darkeden
  18. Darsana
  19. D-Day Normandy
  20. Deicide
  21. Digital Paint: Paintball 2
  22. Dungeon Runners
  23. Entropia Universe
  24. Eternal Wraith
  25. F.E.A.R. Combat

  26. Faldon
  27. Fishing Champ
  28. Flyff: Fly For Fun
  29. Freeciv
  30. FreeStyle Street Basketball
  31. Frets on Fire
  32. Gekkeiju Online
  33. Glest
  34. Global MU Online
  35. Golf?
  36. Graal Online
  37. Grand Theft Auto 2
  38. Grand Theft Auto
  39. Gunbound
  40. Gunror
  41. Gunz The Duel
  42. HaloZero
  43. Hero Online
  44. KAL Online
  45. Knight Online World
  46. Kuma\War
  47. Last Chaos
  48. Lunia
  49. Maple Story
  50. Marathon Trilogy
  51. Martial Heroes
  52. Mixmaster
  53. Myth War Online
  54. N
  55. Neverball
  56. Nexuiz
  57. Orbiter Space Flight Simulator
  58. Parsec47
  59. Pirate King
  60. Plasma Pong
  61. Purge
  62. Puzzle Pirates
  63. Racing Pitch
  64. Rappelz
  65. Risk Your Life 2
  66. rRootage
  67. Rumble Box
  68. Rumble Fighter
  69. Savage
  70. Scions of Fate
  71. Scorched 3d
  72. Secrets of Mirage
  73. Shadow Armada
  74. Shadowbane
  75. Shattered Galaxy
  76. Silkroad
  77. Space Combat
  78. Space Cowboy Online
  79. Starsiege: Tribes
  80. Steel Panthers
  81. Strange Attractors
  82. Tantra
  83. Thang Online
  84. The Battle for Wesnoth
  85. The Dinohunters
  86. The Elder Scrolls: Arena
  87. The New Satan Sam
  88. Tickster
  89. Tobolo
  90. Torus Trooper
  91. TrackMania
  92. Transfusion
  93. Tremulous
  94. Tumiki Fighters
  95. Turf Battles
  96. Urban Terror
  97. War Rock
  98. Wild Metal
  99. Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
  100. Xiah

236 Responses to “100 of the Best Legal Free Full Version Games You Can Download Online”

  1. Ace says:

    Really nice list, BTW 69 and 70 are the same. Just thought you’d like to know.

  2. Stephen9o3 says:

    The Trackmania link links to Trackmania-United, the lasted version which costs to pay. Trackmania Nations is the free one; http://www.trackmanianations.com

  3. Aevin says:

    Lunia is currently unplayable, the closed beta ended at the end of May, and the open beta will not be open until the end of July.

  4. Synck [BE] says:

    There are a lot of free games based on the quake 3 engine (released under gpl).

    Urban Terror: http://www.urbanterror.net/news.php
    World of Padman: http://mods.moddb.com/350/world-of-padman (official site down)
    Warsow: http://www.warsow.net/ (modded quake 2 engine based game)

  5. Cave Story
    A very good free game played somewhat like Metroid.

    Regnum Online
    A nice free MMORPG that I just started playing. Chose from three different realms at war.

  6. notrees says:

    Lots of other great free games from the nullarbor game competition:

    I think Last Dawn, Return to Zero, and AirHockey should be on this list.

    Return to Zero is basically a better version of PARSEC47

  7. SilverSword says:

    Hmmm I think that this list missed one great FULL game (free mmorpg game) called Eternal Lands. more info to this great game is below:


    I hope you enjoy playing this game as I enjoying it :)

  8. Chuck says:

    You put FretsOnFire up, but you didn’t put up stepmania, the best open source music related game in existence? http://www.stepmania.com

  9. Aevum says:

    the link for #33, Glest needs the ‘h’ in “http” in order for the link to function properly

  10. Nice list! :)

    #69 & #70 Scions of Fate http://fate.netgame.com/ are the same game.

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  12. Boggslash says:

    Doh! I added “N” and removed the #69, #70 duplication. I also fixed the broken link. I’ve been getting the digg effect and the site access seems to be going up and down. If you get the “CPU maxed out” error, try back soon… There’s a lot of other great suggestions in the digg comments, I’ll try to do a follow-up soon with other games / URLs that have been suggested. Thanks to all the diggers out there for checking us out! I hope this list has helped!

  13. Mortaneous says:

    What about Vegastrike, and open-source space flight sim. That’s http://vegastrike.sourceforge.net
    or Warzone 2100 the RTS from 1999: http://wz2100.net

  14. j says:

    Where is the mac list?

  15. BHSPitMonkey says:


    Tremulous (#93) is mistyped in the list.

    Also, it should be higher. 😛

  16. Jesse Kolb says:

    93, tremulous, is mis-spelled as ‘trmulous’

  17. bbump.com says:

    100 of the Best Legal Free Full Version Games You Can Download Online…

    Over time I have found many fully functioning games that are free to download in various places across the web. Here are 100 of these great full games that are free to download online….

  18. Jeremy says:

    Transcendence. Really good space game, extensively moddable, active forums (especially the Unofficial one). Try it, they have it as a .zip file on the website, or you can ask on the forums (look in General for Installers By Request) for an executable installer.

  19. kellin says:

    you forgot about the classic nethack nethack.com. I would suggest mangband.org as an alternate, multiplayer version of nethack based around the lord of the rings mythology, but I dont think its much in development anymore…

  20. novice says:

    Carnage Blender

    should be on here, it makes bots (and bots2) look like childs play…

  21. That One Kid says:

    lol forgot Runescape

  22. Aquaregia says:

    Granado Espada
    Currently in pre-open beta


  23. Mike says:

    Thanks for the list

  24. Monkeyman says:

    Runescape is browser-based. It’s not a download.

  25. JazzyTech says:

    “A 3D Space Simulator that allows you to trade and bounty hunt in a vast universe.”

    The graphics are decent, the gameplay is great if you like this sort open ended playing. Although a work in progress, this game is still fun to play.

  26. Niosis says:

    Uhh…. YOU FORGOT GUNZ? That’s got to be one of the TOP played free games next to AA and maple story.

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  28. xmrkkr says:

    The list seems good, a thumbnail of the game would make it even better.

  29. Duker says:

    this is very cool, but is this really legal?

  30. Lollard says:


    Incredibly radical freeware game in the vein of Castlevania & Metroid.

    Fairly long and increasingly difficult. Great for a challenge.

    Game download and English patch @

  31. fadi says:

    which one you think is the best game?

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  34. det0r says:

    There is also soldat: http://www.soldat.pl/

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  38. Here’s a great one I’ve been playing for years:



  39. keston says:

    FreeStyle Street Basketball

    can someone in the US create an account for me?
    can’t play without it

  40. Atmosck says:


    They have a couple good ones, notable Hover Tank 3D and Aces High Over Velor Island

  41. Mike says:

    StarPort: Galactic Empires is a great arcade-style space combat/trading MMORPG

  42. Mike says:

    StarPort: Galactic Empires is a great arcade-style space combat/trading MMORPG.


  43. balanceshift says:

    Rakion? You got Gunbound… Rakion is better.


  44. Jeremy says:

    I think you should add a brief description of what each game is, that way it’s a simple task to scroll through, looking for the genre of game desired.

  45. Hammer666 says:

    Bloodlust #7 cost 10.95 to purchase, but can be played online for free

  46. Farooq Azam says:

    This is a very useful list. Thanks alot.

    Can i post this on my Blog?

  47. Neon says:

    You forgot to mention http://www.abandonia.com/ ! Lots of free old school games on here. Great list though, some I haven’t played or heard of! Although I played a few, like Xiah and KAL Online. Nice to know that GTA is free now.

  48. pligg.com says:

    100 of the Best Legal Free Full Version Games You Can Download Online…

    100 of the Best Legal Free Full Version Games You Can Download Online…

  49. Moi says:

    Don’t forget Warsow.


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  51. Henry says:

    GrassGames has 3 free titles well worth checking out – not too well known however – the first one is a real gem:

    3D Asteroids – an unusual but interesting game:

    Vroom Vroom !!! – mini car racing game

    Cubes – a nice Tetris port

  52. James says:

    It would have been nice to include what kind of game each were, since you mentioned this in your intro (which are action, which are mmo, which are …)

  53. graingert says:

    what about planeshift? the Open source MMORPG?

  54. sakib says:

    I just downloaded and installed fear combat But my system dont meets it :(

  55. Felipe says:

    This list could also be called… “100 websites that are blocked at my work”

  56. brutt01d says:

    What definitely deserves to be in the list is the renewal of the infamous/legendary Star Contol game:

    Star Control 2 – The Ur-Quan Masters:


    “Star Control 2 is one of those games that’s very fondly remembered by pretty much everyone that played it. Not only did it let you save the universe from an evil race bent on enslaving everything it came across, but it did so with a lot of action, adventure, and freedom of choice — not exactly common in these types of games back in 1992. Accolade created one hell of a space adventure, leaving us wondering why this isn’t one of the series being revisited in this time of sequels and remakes.”

    What can I say – it’s a game which you can find in all possible “Best Games of all Time” lists for PC. It’s has also the 1st place at GameSpy’s “Top 10 Games for PC we’d like to see remastered”:


    Well – it is remastered. It has remastered music and graphics, has now voice/speech audio tracks, is playable on Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista, Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD and MacOS X. What are you waiting for?! Get it!

    Dditional game info can be found here: http://uqm.stack.nl/wiki/Main_Page

  57. Omri says:

    check Soldat. a great sideway shoter

  58. koolk says:

    Battlestar Galactica based game: Beyond the Red line. The game is currently under developement but has a very nice demo:


    The game engine is based on Freespace 2.

  59. Gemelo says:

    This is a GREAT remake of Streets of Rage!

  60. Yeah Right says:

    Where is the Top 100 Free Games CD?? Be sure to include a few others mentioned in the comments section as a bonus.

  61. Ryan Higley says:

    Here’s a link of a lot of good free games (many classics!)


  62. Rick Frances says:

    Might also want to check out “Senior Year” at http://bklovr.com which is not only free, but runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux…

  63. Counsel says:

    No Zork? Really…. :)

  64. alister says:

    Also based on the Q3 engine — http://www.OpenArena.ws

  65. jul says:

    Check out Soldat n1 Multiplayergame with a hugh community and Many online leagues including ESL for example. http://www.soldat.pl/main.php

  66. trAsher says:

    Future Pinball is a must have !!!


  67. smiley says:

    here´s one for ya to add: our colorful fun-shooter ‘World of Padman’ which is based on the GPL´d quake3 engine:


    have fun 😉

  68. f says:

    don’t forget dune!!

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  70. Aalwein says:

    Shards of Dalaya – http://www.shardsofdalaya.com/

    Most successful emulated Everquest server – but its completely original content.

  71. Cyndre says:

    Its an awsome free online role playing game with a great community. Check out http://www.psychic-doom.com

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  74. danielt says:

    It’d be great if the list said what type of game it is. I’m not into mmo’s, I love FPShooters like heretic,hexen,doom, and wolfenstein. Maybe a separate list?

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  76. Evanrocs says:

    Kingdom of Loathing… it may look dumb at first, but you will come to see that it is hilarious and fun. An Average users on at one time is about 1200

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  78. webulator70 says:

    i see ‘code red: alien arena’ mentioned but theres no sign of the original q2 based ‘code red’ and its deserving of mention since cube 1 and 2 are there. also, i second cave story, its bloody awsome.

  79. rox says:

    coooooooooool can here be more like 101 sites then 102 ……….. 1002

  80. Bob MKD says:

    Free multiplayer online game FPS 3D. Battle with your tank against players worldwide.


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  83. parveen says:

    Most of the games are not popular , i have not heard a single name of that list

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  86. ddj says:

    The best Worms-similar game ever!! – Liero!


  87. Christopher says:

    what about the free games available for Scumm????


  88. AntiQuest says:

    Cantr II the npc-free society game. http://www.cantr.net

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  90. elektrokuter says:

    Kuma War actually has its own website and not just a wiki http://www.kumawar.com

    The same company also makes a History Channel WWII game called Shootout! http://www.kumagames.com

    Also, it was mentioned earlier but Granado Espado has an english site open now for its beta http://www.swordofthenewworld.com/

  91. elf_fu says:

    There were so many replies, I tried to read all of them but I may have missed it, so apologies for a repeat.

    Nine Dragons

    I found it really slow to begin with, but once I set with it and began to level, I really enjoyed, honestly, the characters movement and battle techniques. Fun to watch on screen.

  92. Harry says:

    Garry’s Mod 9 http://www.garry.tv/
    a sandbox, based on half-life, with no objectives, whether you want to make a car, or a house or set up a house and defend it of ant lions!Try it!
    £5 version available to

  93. Dy says:

    And now, 100 comments for 100 games!

    Great list =D

  94. Lol says:

    MMOG involving galaxy + spaceship where you blow up other human players

  95. Russ Dyer says:

    Ive been playing americas army for a long time.

    93 honor
    -=USA=-kiwi is my tag

  96. rollerboy says:

    I have played F.E.A.R. Combat and Trackmania Nation. They are both good but I have been playing FEAR for a while and no longer play Trackmania. Trackmania can get boring but I love FEAR, I got a lot better at it. I am now downloading America’s Army and Alien Arena.

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  98. Red says:

    # parveen Says:
    June 19th, 2007 at 10:17 am

    Most of the games are not popular , i have not heard a single name of that list

    Grand Theft Auto was fairly popular in it’s time…
    and i had also heard of N (the ninja game)

    http://www.hardcorepawn.com has a very good zombie game.
    http://chir.ag/stuff/sand/ has a cool “sand box” style playing area
    http://www.eyezmaze.com/tontie/v0/index.html several excellent puzzle games
    http://www.espgame.org excellent game which helps tag images on the web (google runs a similar game.)
    http://www.kongregate.com/games/SeanCooper/boxhead-more-rooms a fun zombie killing game.

  99. aradilon says:

    there should be one more game in it :
    tibia a free 2D mmorpg ( the biggest one of europe) (www.tibia.de)

  100. What you can download the gta games free? wow are they the complete versions?

  101. Got A Point says:

    With all the suggestions, this site should be the 150 best games.

  102. Hey hey hey!!
    Were is the Quake series!? Were is the TFC!?

  103. doc says:


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  105. Janssens says:

    100 free and fully legal game downloads…

    This is a list of free fully functional games that you can download for your PC. Things like Grand Theft Auto I and II and F.E.A.R
    Have a look at the list here

  106. Robert says:

    Beneath a Steel Sky should be on the list. You can run it on any platform using ScummVM. You can get all of the files for the virtual machine, this game and some other free games at scummvm.org.

  107. Swiss Family Robinson says:

    I appreciate the list and the work that went into compiling it, but I second the suggestion that the list would be much more useful if it were broken down into some type of genre’s at the least. Most of those names are foreign to everyone, so unless the name of the game is a dead giveaway for it’s game type, we have no clue what they are and it’s not practical to click on 100 links to find out.

  108. S. V. Rennacker says:

    You might want to add http://www.torncity.com
    Great list, thanks, my kid is now a very happy killer of monsters! :)

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  110. Ehanson says:

    Very nice list. A lot those games look like fun.

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  112. InfernalBeing says:

    Soldat is also a very god online game, though in 2D.


  113. Matimus Prime says:

    You totally forgot any of the Nifflas Games like Within a deep forest and Knytt

  114. blenderr says:

    Spring is a free 3d multiplayer RTS game with a big community and tons of mods and maps.
    its like a mix between total annihilation and supreme commander. take a look, its worth it!


    mods / maps

    have fun!

  115. Ammut says:

    Freespace 2 is one of my favorite games of all time and the open source project (legal) has made it all the better. Find it here: http://www.hard-light.net/forums/index.php/topic,38195.0.html

  116. Keiran says:

    I don’t know if any of you have heard of Soldat or anything but it is a great shooter game.


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  118. Keiran says:

    OH crap lol, i just noticed InfernalBeing had posted it and right above him. Sorry.

  119. Pred says:

    Yeah, I play Soldat too. It’s a very good game with a large community, whom are active on IRC and forums. version 1.4.1 of Soldat has recently been released.

  120. Seth says:

    Seriously, Cave Story is insanely good. A must.

  121. jim says:


  122. You forgot to mention perhaps the best golf game ever on any platform free or paid http://www.shot-online.com/

    Aswell as http://www.hattrick.org/ and http://www.battrick.org/ Football/Cricket browser based manager games. Also http://www.grandprixgames.com/ A very fun micro machines style F1 online racing simulation with all the real life cars/tracks.

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  124. Dockwats says:

    Very awesome listing of games. Thanks! You’ve been shouted. :)

  125. Chris Mikaitis says:

    Though I haven’t played half these games, I can safely say that Betrayal at Krondor, by Sierra (now freeware) is the best game of the bunch… look it up, and play it with my blessings..

  126. smurf says:

    Nice list! How did Dink Smallwood get left off of this one? It’s a great free RPG with tons of user-created “D-Mods”…there are countless different stories to play.


  127. sowhatu says:


    # koolk Says:
    June 18th, 2007 at 1:54 pm

    Battlestar Galactica based game: Beyond the Red line. The game is currently under developement but has a very nice demo:


    The game engine is based on Freespace 2.

    OMG, OMG, OMG!!!

    i am sooo looking forward to the fullversion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  128. volta says:


    a single/multiplayer 3D real-time strategy game for up to 8 players via lan/hamachi.

  129. Nuheen says:

    Eye of the Kraken is a brilliant game, very humorous. http://www.absurdus.net/kraken/buynow.htm – It is free.

    Another brilliant online browser based game is http://www.kingdomofloathing.com. This is very funny as well, and quite entertaining.

  130. schlaghund says:

    wow i’m glad to see people know of tactical comander and shatterd galaxy . tactical comander is the korean verson of shatterd galaxy that plays a bit like starcraft in which you can ammas an army thought “:creation” and wholop your oponents ass vs the generic notmal gameplay where you level up and level your untis and upgrade / equip level and become more powerfull as you play.

  131. juegos says:

    So interesting! Wow! I like this list!

  132. Dave says:

    One of the best RPGs ever made was betrayal at krondor. It is free from Sierra games on their website, i believe. Either way, they give it away..it should be on this list

  133. Matt says:

    Nice list!

    Can i just add that if you download a game, and make a clan, you can make a clan blog here >http://www.easyforumz.com

    It’s free i have one :)

  134. OrangeKyo says:

    I’m sorry Cave Story is the best free, 1 player shooter game out there. Since you don’t have it, I can’t trust this list.

  135. Boggslash says:

    See the next 50 Free PC Games listed. It includes Cave Story and many more…

  136. dave says:

    Excellent list, but how could you leave off Betrayal at Krondor?!

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  139. A Guy says:

    A nice site where u can download free games.. :)

  140. […] I probably come is firing up iTunes and syncing up my iPod on my PC. When we did the list of 100 full free pc games to download online, there were some comments asking about where the Mac list was.  Well, when looking to do my first […]

  141. (Blank) says:

    NE superhero games? marvel ultimate alliance and such…

  142. BloodLetter says:

    hey guys…which is the best mmorpg that is simmilar with last chaos…

  143. Omni says:

    This is a classic Multiplayer game that has been around for over 20 years now. If you enjoy small communities and 2d style graphics (LoK anyone?) you’ll really enjoy this game.
    The original scenario (Nork World 1) is completely free and there are options to pay for access to newer scenarios.

    The Kingdom of Drakkar

  144. […] 100 of the Best Legal Free Full Version Games You Can Download Online » PC Gaming Blog (tags: games freeware) […]

  145. Rob says:

    Pretty solid list.

    It would be interesting to see a list like this made up exclusively of games which were at one point commercial, but have gone freeware.

  146. Al says:

    Darkspace is no longer totally free.. they are charging 9.95 per month, please remove it. :)

  147. Kevin says:

    Thanks for the list of games! This should keep me busy for hours! Cheers

  148. kitt52uk says:

    u really gotta check out shot online, in my opinion the best multiplayer golf game and totally free, you gotta add this one

  149. […] fun full version pc games that aren’t on the list, please add a comment with the name and URL.read more | digg […]

  150. Robbie says:

    check out http://www.virtualnes.com for all the old school regular nes games over 500 to chose from

  151. shadowfurfromhell says:

    Omfg if Scorched3D got any better they would have to make it for psp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  152. shadowfurfromhell says:

    There is 1 thing bad with this list tho…..
    no Mech games.

  153. mark says:

    Great list. Im going to link to this page if thats ok.

    Since this blog is about free gaming, i thought i might mention 2 sites of my own The first is a new type of gaming community http://war-planet.com.

    And the sister site that gives away free game servers http://server.war-planet.com

    hope to see everyone there

  154. Zeno says:

    Can’t be a top 100 list without Cave Story.

  155. Boggslash says:

    Cave Story and many others that were left out are listed on the next post of 50+ more free PC games

  156. […] best pc game demos to download? Check this site out its got 100 of the best free online/offline games on it __________________ If this forum […]

  157. Michael says:

    Epoch Star is a beta-phase space-shooter RPG that is pretty sweet.


  158. Manetheran says:

    here’s a really good one you missed:


    awesome 2D shooter

  159. Ivan says:

    Ok where is the online asteroids-like game called Subspace? (which I’ve been playing for ten years) AKA Continuum. Go here to get it.. http://www.subspacedownloads.com/

  160. Hempman says:

    First, while many like Online Games, others see them as a vector for distributing spyware/virii. Almost all of these are actually ONLINE games. Not a real problem, but they should be labeled as to online or true download. Downloading a game client is not downloading a game.

    #3, Anarchy Online is a dead link. Just enter the site name and the option to play free is at the top of the page and the download for the online game client is on the left.

    #7, Bloodust Vampire RPG does NOT offer ANY free play. When you click on the download link on thier website, it just says you can watch videos, and offers to download the game for $10.95. That ain’t free, folks.

    I noticed a few other links that never take one where one can actually download a game. If I have time, I will return and point them out.

    Thanks so much for the ones that work!!!

  161. Killer21 says:

    I have one question, WHERE THE HELL IS FREESPACE 1 and 2

  162. Vandros says:

    Might want to add PristonTale. Korean mmorpg that is simply amazing! I like it almost as much as Guild Wars. Used to be Pay2Play after lvl 40 but now the English version is totally free. They changed to funding via items you can purchase from their website.


  163. niezly says:

    nice list, savage is the best of those in my opinion

  164. theb1L says:

    How dare you forget about little fighter?! 😉


  165. Mr_Smiley_Face says:

    Great games but i have one that didnt make it on the list and that one is Sword of the new World. The website is http://www.swordofthenewworld.com/

  166. freemind says:

    Greate list, thanks!

  167. Scott says:

    You should have Planeshift crystal blue on the list, you actually have to type questions to npc’s to get quests ans info, its cool, still in beta style production but still an amazing game, http://www.planeshift.it

  168. […] goodies I’ve come across on that communal blog are a list of 100 free, legal games and the oldie but goodie, Why Windows Still Beats […]

  169. owww men.. thnx for this.. you rock!!!!

  170. […] PC Gaming Blog posted a list of 100 of the best legal full-version games you can download online for free. Over time I have found many fully functioning games that are free to download in various places across the web. Here are 100 of these great full games that are free to download online. They range from independent games, to games that were once commercial but are now free, free to play MMO games (some of the MMOs do have the option of purchasing in game items, etc.), free action games, 3rd person games, games designed by hobbyists, and many more! […]

  171. tnx for this… i already bookmarked!!!

  172. Gamer says:

    Need to include 2moons. still in Open Beta, but Acclaim indicated that this game will be F2P all the way. unlike Granado Espada that remains unknown until couple weeks before they become P2P. GE’s character details is by far the most awesome so far.


  173. Djredbul says:


    Great fantasy style turn based strategy. Game is free, expanded content for monthly fee. Highly recommended!

  174. Joji Khan says:


    Plz let me know if any of you know how to find free full veriosn of street racing games, i love to race in Trucks

  175. ArsenalFC#14 Chris says:

    Nice list! yo but 1 thing could u go for da 150 list. 😉

  176. ArsenalFC#14 Chris says:

    Btw you can probably at least list the genre ya know IF u got da tyme im a FPS & Strategy Person meself so u guys If interested tell me on the above list which is the recommendation 4 me plz&tq. Chill out dudes!

  177. […] this blog usually focuses on free full version pc games, this post is a slight deviation to list out many of the Flash and Shockwave Christmas games […]

  178. khuj says:

    hello name is crayz war rock super game

  179. mokh says:

    thank you you are the best

  180. Neil says:

    I loved America’s Army, this was a great game for free. http://www.jakehall.com

  181. M says:

    Trackmania Nations is absolutely amazing!
    Its a must play for anyone, also has a great community!

  182. bvk says:

    this website helped me a lot ,saving my time in search of games.thanks

  183. Marauder says:

    Lunia is no dice till July. Also, there is another F2P/Download game about to come out. http://www.warriorepic.com

  184. AL says:

    Excellent Site! I love all those Retro Games also. Someone mentioned earlier America’s Army, this is a Fantastic Free Online Multiplayer, didn’t the U.S. Army actually do some form of indoors training using the Game?!

    Awesome, keep it up, what a cool site ; )


  185. […] Full Version PC Games blog made an attempt to create a list of freely downloadable PC Games, the list includes some nice titles. Check it […]

  186. john m says:

    cool stuff man. thanks for these

  187. guybrush says:

    The link to Halo Zero does not work. Instead, you can download it here: http://www.download.com/Halo-Zero/3000-7435_4-10474711.html?tag=mncol&cdlPid=10474712

  188. king says:

    cool list n good no’s

  189. Dwight says:

    Combat Arms, think Counter Strike with better graphics. FREE FPS.

  190. Dwight says:

    also, plasma pong was taken down. It was sued by Atari, the original makers of PONG.

  191. Longy says:

    Numbet 7 is NOT free, it costs $10.95

  192. colaboy says:

    Thanks for the great list. I’d argue that GeneRally is among the 100 greatest. It’s a multiplayer (on one keyboard) 2D racing game similar to the Sprint arcade series.


  193. Claire says:

    Bloodlust is not free.

  194. […] Get ‘em while they’re hot. I just downloaded a copy of GTA II, a game I played for hours upon hours as a kid. Also check out Scorched 3D. Welp, there goes my productivity. [Link] […]

  195. […] Donwload Full Version PC Games: This is a blog site containing 100 best legal, free, and full version of games. The site covers free action games, free action games and 3rd person games. […]

  196. […] Donwload Full Version PC Games: This is a blog site containing 100 best legal, free, and full version of games. The site covers free action games, free action games and 3rd person games. […]

  197. Joyettabe says:

    Great site for addicted PC gamers! Me for one…..Cheers

  198. Superguy says:

    Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Free Full Game (Ad Supported)


    Far Cry Free Full Game (Ad Supported)


  199. sharpshotta says:

    perfect world should be there too 😛

  200. Ryan says:

    Along with Elder Scrolls: Arena, you can get the sequel daggerfall. same url

  201. eheuristic says:

    This site is perfect for because i like play game and more game so i just like this site and i like game’s too.
    thank you.

  202. Austin says:

    Free game. I love it. Lot’s of fun. http://www.combatarms.nexon.net

  203. Terry Ingram says:

    would love to find a site to download free full versions of seek and find or hidden object games.

  204. jose says:

    What about simutrans, the free railroad simulator, way better than Transport Tycoon Deluxe? http://www.simutrans.com

    I also like a simple but interesting build-your-own rpg called runesword. No online features, no 3d graphics, but you can customize everything from graphics to characteristics, from objects to spells. http://www.runesword.com

  205. Lubu0369 says:

    this is for the fool who said runescape

    given, runescape is a good game.. BUT READ!!!! in the title it says DOWNLOAD meaning in-browser non-download… get some intellect and come back… it isnt my blog.. but i have to say thx all for revisions and edits and here is one more #88 “Tickster” is supposed to be “Trickster” by my eyes, tho i could be wrong.

    Thx for the list guys and i would ask of you all to make a list for non download games, kinda like this one.. but less comp space required.. (i got too many junk files that my comp dont wanna let me delete XD cya!

  206. Katelin says:


    and #88 is Trickster, not Tickster… i’ve played it before, it has a pretty good graphic

  207. Jenna says:

    Dont forget Neopets! Most people think that it is a kids game but there seems to be more adults than kids on there these days.

  208. Jenna says:

    not a download sorry!

  209. Enarcade says:

    Fantasy Earth Zero its a pretty full on game and it is quite a big patch.

  210. wahiba says:

    i beleive alien shooter should also have the honer of being written in that fantastic page ….

    my favourite one 😉

  211. Fix RRoD says:

    Ahh thank-you man, free games! will be bookmarking this page, some really cool games on here. Much thanks!

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